Exploring Love - Ceramics Exhibition by Nino Sarabutra

Exploring Love
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What We Do For Love

What We Do For Love What We Do For Love
14 February – 25 March 2017 At ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery,
Thonglor soi 10, Bangkok
‘The greatest love of all is the love for other people, love that wants to improve their life physically and mentally, that betters their living conditions in a sustainable way. It is the love for the land to be fertile, nourishing, green and lush, with fish filling the rivers, rice filling the fields and full forests covering the mountains. This is the kind of love that I’ve learned from him.’

Who would imagine the end of one man’s life would have the power to awaken such an outpouring of love for that man, his work, his legacy — and his great love for Thailand and its people. Mourning his death shrouds the collective psyche. Celebrating his life and furthering his ideas are an even greater phenomenon.

As a child of the country’s leader, I joined a mournful nation deep in sorrow over his death. I found myself among the four lines queuing to pay homage to his mortal remains. It was a beautiful and intensely moving procession.

Like most Thais, I feel loved. I believe this man has done so much for our country. I also feel most people in Thailand love him no less now he’s gone, and their affection only grows stronger with his passing.

That love manifests itself in everything they do, from grand gestures to simple tasks; from planting a tree to nurturing a whole new forest. This is how we love him.

This exhibition expresses the power of love — for him and for our country. I want to show this unity, so that we can grow and become inspired to greatness for one another and our country.

“What We Do For Love” is a combination of heart-shaped installations in stoneware, porcelain and jasmine rice.

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