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Exploring Love
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To Live or to Live a Good Life To Live or to Live a Good Life
26 September – 28 October 2011 at creative house BANGKOK
inspired by TOYOTA, Bangkok
4 – 25 February 2012 at Meinblau Galerie, Berlin, Germany

In my village we greet people with “Have you eaten rice?” or “What are you eating with your rice today?” The answer, the tone of voice and accompanying appreciative comments about the food indicate the person’s happiness and well-being. In cities across the world, we ask “How are you?” The answer is invariably formulaic; often we don’t get the real answer. 

So, let me ask you this: “How happy are you? Are you living a good life? What would really make your life better?” This is what we should care about. This is what we should talk about with our friends, families and people around the world. And, most importantly we should ask ourselves “Am I happy? What does my happiness depend on? How much do I need to eat or spend to have a good life?”

I have created 365 bowls to remind us that simple pleasures can make us happy, like people are in my village. On the walls people from around the world answer questions on what they are consuming, how happy they are, what will make them happier. You and your answers can be part of the show and be shared on-line just join the on-line Happiness Survey here

‘To Live or to Live a Good Life’ is part of SurVivArt by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, which aims to create an international bridge between sustainability, climate change, gender equity, art and culture.

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